May 27th, 2010 at 00:01 by djdead

An extended length mix of favorite tracks from my favorite decade. (I think this might be it for Eighties mixes for a while.)

Enjoy… (Time: 150:51).


  1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax
  2. Belouis Some – Animal Magic
  3. The Gruesome Twosome – Hallucination Generation
  4. Public Relations – Eighty-Eight
  5. Kissing The Pink – Certain Things Are Likely
  6. When In Rome – The Promise
  7. Sandra – Secretland
  8. Secession – The Magician
  9. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – If You Leave
  10. New Order – True Faith
  11. Clan of Xymox – Scum
  12. Robotiko Rejekto – Rejekto
  13. Baby Ford – Children of The Revolution
  14. Pet Shop Boys – Heart
  15. Information Society – Running
  16. Red Flag – Russian Radio
  17. Boy George – No Clause 28
  18. Hubert Kah – Military Drums
  19. League of Gentlemen – Humatic
  20. Data – Over 21
  21. Camouflage – Stranger Thoughts
  22. Bassline Boys – Warbeat
  23. Book of Love – Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls
  24. Anything Box – Living In Oblivion
  25. ABC – Be Near Me

3 Responses to “Eighties Mix #7”

  1. herx says:

    hello ….

    i am from peru , in america…. thanks …. !!!!

  2. Nutsy Waterbelly says:

    This mix is AWESOME!! Been a LONG Time fan of tormented radio… and a big fan of 80’s music. I don’t even REMEMBER half of this stuff… but it all rocks. and the stuff I do remember would likely have me running around the dance floor screaming like a meemee.



  3. BlackRat1976 says:

    Was fortunate enough to have older brother and sisters who listened to this, and they passed on the gift of music to me.
    Was one of the few of my age who were into music back then, my parents sometimes thought my brother and sisters made me listen to it and even watch their music channels/programs until they saw me listen/watch it and enjoy it even when my br&sisses weren’t around. ;-)

    Thanx for the mixes!

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