April 21st, 2007 at 18:38 by djdead

And another… (Time: 79:19).


  1. The Hunger – Shock
  2. Pluuto – Isn’t It Crazy
  3. Cetu Javu – Situations
  4. When In Rome – Heaven Knows
  5. Heavenly Bodies – Rains On Me
  6. Red Flag – If I Ever
  7. Kon Kan – I Beg Your Pardon
  8. Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Chant
  9. Depeche Mode – Behind the Wheel
  10. Camouflage – Neighbours
  11. Hubert Kah – Machine Gun
  12. Manufacture – As The End Draws Near
  13. I Start Counting – Lose Him
  14. Axodry – You
  15. Bigod 20 – Body to Body

6 Responses to “Eighties Mix #4”

  1. Lynn says:

    Please keep these podcasts coming!! I just found out that you’re now available via podcasts. I’ve not been able to get the player working to listen to Tormented Radio on my work computer, so downloading your podcasts and listening in on my iPod is an excellent compromise.

  2. djdead says:

    Thanks for listening! I have more planned of course, but finals got in the way. I should push out a handful over the summer. =)

  3. udall30 says:

    Great mixes, do you think you could do one with Cetu Javu’s tree frog, omd sailing the seven seas (the basey remix) and some front 242? Ethier way, these are awsome. Thanks!

  4. Scott Durand says:

    Great mixes, you must have been a 6400 or NRG fan. I have been a working full time dj since the mid 80’s and will always love this stuff. If you are ever looking for tracks I have just over 40,000 files shared on Soulseek p2p. Thanks for the great mixes.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Great mix! Keeps me movin! ;)

  6. jree says:

    Lovin every mix you push. Takes me back to when you and I used to go to NRG and hear these songs. Thanks for putting these mixes out there and I look forward to your next one.

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