February 16th, 2007 at 20:33 by djdead

New stuff. Industrial, synthpop, futurepop. Woot~! (Time: 78:13


  1. Hocico – Not Like You
  2. Tactical Sekt – Chosen One
  3. And One – Love You To The End
  4. Angels & Agony – Forward
  5. Imperative Reaction – Dissolve
  6. Lost Signal – Gone
  7. Amduscia – Heresy
  8. Pride and Fall – Retrospect
  9. Technoir – Manifesto
  10. Apoptygma Berzerk – Tuning In to the Frequency of Your Soul
  11. Velvet Acid Christ – Ghost Regen
  12. The Azoic – Illuminate
  13. Syrian – She Is The Dark
  14. Pristina – So Alive
  15. Zombie Girl – I Want It

16 Responses to “Studio Session 20070216”

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks DJ you just made my day!

  2. Guido says:

    Awesome :D

    I love the station and podcasts :D

  3. igor says:


  4. Frank says:

    kick ass as always

  5. Pistolera says:

    Ace. Just what I need for my daily commute. Thanks very much – I’m a frequent listener of both the station and the podcast.

  6. djdead says:

    thanks for the comments. I’ll have another mix to post soon! =)


  7. marcus says:

    hi – this is just a great mix, i really love it!
    just looking forward to the next one.
    maybe something to correct – Retrospect is track 8 and not 6 like in the list
    (gone 6 / heresy 7)


  8. Blutkind says:


    What can i say, Wow. Mixing some of my favourite bands into an hour of nonstop audio pleasure.

    You are starting to build quite a fan base here in New Zealand.
    Everyone who hears me playing it wants to know what it is and where they can listen.

    Keep up the great work mate!

  9. djdead says:

    marcus, thanks for the heads up. typo fixed!

  10. Bitch says:

    I really enjoyed this with my boy;-D, thankssss

  11. Skollfang says:

    Damn, this is the best podcast EVER! I must’ve listened to this at least 6 times in the space of one day!!! Keep it up! And hootz from Scotland!

  12. Artik says:

    As ever, djdead delivers. Nice. ^^

  13. andraculoid says:

    cool set, nice tunes, to listen to in the dark, i really like your podcast and radio show, also very good comments…

    keep up the good work..

    Stigmata NL

  14. militia says:

    Great selection of tunes!

  15. lev needkov says:

    Omg. I am listening alot to your station. You’re an inspiration for me as a beginning dj. Thank you.

  16. johnny says:

    iam listening your station for years
    i stil love your tracks you always choose the best thx dj

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