August 7th, 2006 at 03:28 by djdead

Another mix of 90s tribal house, this time focusing a bit more on the diva tracks (and also running longer — this one is slightly larger than cd-sized, sorry!). (Time: 83:20)


  1. The Daou – Give Myself To You
  2. Juliet Roberts – I Want You
  3. Mariah Carey – Anytime You Need A Friend
  4. Sound of One – As I Am
  5. The Spiritual Experience – In The Presence of Angels
  6. R.A.W. – Asuca
  7. George Morel – Morel’s Grooves Part 3: Down To The Waistline (Honey)
  8. Hardhead – New York Express
  9. E.G. Fullalove – Didn’t I Know? (Divas to the Dancefloor… Please)
  10. Peter Lazonby – Wave Speech
  11. FKW – Never Gonna Give You Up
  12. Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby
  13. Gloria Estefan – Tradicion


Also, I fixed the inconsistencies with the id3 tags on the existing podcasts.


4 Responses to “Mid-90s Tribal House Mix #2”

  1. Dubgeist says:

    Still a perfect mix! Where is DMC’S remix of River Ocean’s Love and Happiness?

  2. djdead says:

    Sitting in my record crates collecting dust, like most of my house music. =) I think I may have ripped it to mp3, but I’m done with my mid-90s house music phase I went through a while back. I’ll be sure to hit it the next time that particular phase comes around. =)

  3. Great Mix! Make my day!

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