cs~  Girls Under Glass - Ohne Dich (Extended Version)

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iVardensphere - The Source of Uncertainty (Komor Kommando Remix)
God Module - The Source (ATM Edit)
Insekt - Lost Myself
X Divide - Sympathy (Frozen Plasma Remix)
Panic Lift - Footsteps
The Retrosic - Ground Zero (Valley of Death)
Militant Cheerleaders On The Move - Mentor
Solitary Experiments - Stars
Fake The Envy - Tell Me, Tell Me
Apoptygma Berzerk - Until The End of The World (Dark Club Mix)
[:SITD:] - State of Tyranny
Provision - Crossline
Front Line Assembly - Endless Void
Robotiko Rejekto - Crying
Komor Kommando - Triggerfinger
Ghost & Writer - Integrity (The Alpha Conspiracy)
Imperative Reaction - Giving In To The Change (Assemblage 23 Mix)
Accessory - Ruff Fuxxx
Hocico - Untold Blasphemies
Icon of Coil - Perfect Sex (Scandy Remix)
Velvet Acid Christ - Wasted
Funker Vogt - The State Within
VNV Nation - Homeward
Suicide Commando - Attention Whore
Covenant - Worlds Collide
Neikka RPM - Here's Your Revolution (Negative Format Mix)
Psy'Aviah - The Parts You Can't See (featuring Kyoko Baertsoen) (Tim Iron Remix)
Cesium_137 - Endure
Skinjob - Man (Mothers Against Noise)
Kombat Unit - We Are Machines (Rumble Remix)
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